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About the Children's Shelter of Cebu

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Our history is one of experiencing God's goodness and provision. In May of 1979, four young Minnesotans left for Cebu to join a group of Filipinos who shared their vision for a ministry to homeless children. They worked with their Filipino companions to learn the language, adjust to a new culture, purchase a house, and obtain licensing from the government. Children were soon being placed with them, some who had special needs. A second home was established in 1985. Children were placed for adoption through the Philippine government's Department of Social Welfare and Development
In 1992, the Schmidt Family Foundation of Canada built two beautiful new houses for the ministry. These facilities have enabled us to care for an increased number of children and are a testimony to God's goodness and CSC's commitment to the future.
In 1995, the CSC staff began planning for a school to help meet the needs of the children under our care. Through a series of God-inspired events, friends in Hong Kong, Manila and the United States made this possible with timely and generous gifts. The school construction began in October of 1997 and school opened in August of 1998.
In our two residences we care for 70-80 children. These children range in age from birth to teenagers and live in the homes until they are adopted or reunited with their parents. About 20% of our children have special needs, including cerebral palsy, blindness, brain damage and malnutrition.
While in our home, the children receive comprehensive services that address their medical, educational, emotional, nutritional and spiritual needs. Our staff members, house parents and child care workers strive to simulate family life in all aspects of the ministry. Our first priority is to return the children to their parents, if this is at all possible. Often we provide supportive services to the families to help them take back their children. If this is not possible, we seek to place the children for adoption.
Many of our children are sick and malnourished when they come to us. Most have lice, skin infections and parasites. Some need immediate hospitalization, or need to be isolated in our infirmary. CSC provides medical care to all of our children, including medicines, examinations, tests, hospitalization and surgery
Nearly 70 Filipino workers assist our staff in the ministry. They include social workers, house parents, tutors, child care and household workers, guards, caretakers and office staff. Our workers strive to make CSC a ministry that is responsive to the needs of the children. They come from all walks of life, but share a desire to use their lives for the Lord and CSC's children.
CSC children come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some were abandoned - others were surrendered by their birth parent(s). Still others were orphaned. Some were found living on the street, while others came from government hospitals where they were abandoned after birth. Some came as infants - others as teenagers. Some stay with us for only a few months while others will spend their whole lives at CSC. Some have special needs. But all our children know they are loved and appreciated, and that while at CSC they will be safe, well fed, and given a chance to be healthy and happy and to know that God loves them.
Most of our children come from Cebu City or other areas of Cebu island. We also admit children from surrounding islands and provinces. Some of our children have major physical or mental disabilities. Although we will do all we can to find adoptive families for all our children, some of these special children will spend their entire lives at CSC. Regardless of their limitations or challenges, they will find acceptance, understanding and love at CSC.
About half our children at any given time are part of a sibling group at CSC. Over the years we have had sibling groups of two, three, four, five, six and seven children. Our policy is that we will not split up sibling groups through adoption, so we really have to rely on God to provide families for them. We have placed together groups of siblings as large as seven. In everything we do, the best interests of the children are our focus. They are our only reason for being, and we strive to give them the best possible care.

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